NeuroTouch Video

This video is produced for the course Fundamentals of Technology, Communication Culture and Technology program, Georgetown University. In this video, Michael McLoughlin, the Chief Engineer of the Revolutionizing Prosthetics program of Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, de-black-boxed the main technology of the most advanced prosthetic arm with neural feedback, and talked about its significance, concerns and the future of this technology, which turned to be a great conversation with our other interviewees, including a prosthetic designer, an IMES (implanted myoelectric senser) prosthetic arm tester and a DEKA arm tester.

Individual Interviews:
De-black-boxing the Revolutionizing Prosthetic Arms – Interview of Michael McLoughlin

Cost and Gain of Neural Feedback – Interview of Chad Dize

Witness the Revolution of Prostheses –Interview of James Sides

The Real Need – Interview of Angel Giuffria


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