Website Usability Study

WEBSITE USABILITY EVALUATION is a website that is dedicated to the study of the next generation of prosthetics. The website specializes in promoting content that deals with neuroprosthetics  which are prosthetic arms that are controlled by the human brain.

Online Strategy

The online strategy for Neurotouch seems to focused on taking the complicated subject matter of neruoprosthetics and distilling it into the most consumable way possible. This is made evident by the prominent display of Social Media on the website. This medium gives website viewers the opportunity to interact with the NeuroTouch team and also gives the NeuroTouch team a chance  to interact with website viewers. The design of the website seems very focused on encouraging this type of interaction and has done a good job in achieving this goal.

Flexibility and efficiency of use

Before attending graduate school, I worked for an ecommerce marketing company. We provided consulting for clients as to ways they could design their website to make it easier for shoppers to navigate and ultimately make a purchase. Even though is not an ecommerce site, some of the skills I learned there and in CCTP 506 will come in handy as we evaluate this website. One the most glaring failings of this website is that it forces the user to scroll almost quite a bit to access a lot of the content. The more consumers have to scroll to get to content, the less likely they are to access said content. The website works to alleviate this issue by providing drop down menus to assist consumers in their quest to access data.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 6.26.53 pm

Homepage: Note the integration of Social Media into the fabric of the website. This is a good addition to the website.

Consistency And Standards

One of the main aspects of an informational/educational website is the ability to get information to users as quickly and efficiently as possible.  If I had to grade the Neurotouch website I would give it a B minus in terms of reaching to goal of getting information to users as quickly and efficiently as possible. However the website excels at maintain consistency  throughout the site and follows the general standards of modern website design. As a recommendation to Neurotouch I would point them in the direction of as an A plus effort to model themselves after.

Aesthetic and Minimalist Design

The website has a very clean and simple look and is visually appealing. The design of the logo/ color scheme is immaculate and the website does a good job of complimenting that design. One main criticism of that I have about the site is that there is a lot of white space of the website. If the creator of the site could find a way to reduce the amount of white space, they would be able to drive more of the focus towards the content versus the white space. One admirable part of the website is the seamless integration of the NeuroTouch social media presence into the website. 


Size Chart Page: Note dropdown menu. This makes it easy for consumers to access data they are seeking.



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