Social Media Summary

social media

Our group decided to focus our social media efforts solely on Twitter. We felt that Twitter would be the best way for us to engage with our audience and to gain access to real time content and developments in the world of prosthetics. We have sent out 107 tweets and currently have 77 followers.  Our most noteworthy follower is DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) who not only followed us but tweeted us new material that we ended up incorporating into our final report. We were also retweeted by BBC news as well. Many of our tweets were retweets from others in the prosthetics world. We felt it was important to show support for those tweeting about prosthetics because by choosing this topic of study we in a sense joined the community. Most of the interactions we had with individuals on Twitter were pleasant except for one user who alleged that the neuroprosthetic technology was a scheme by the government to implement mind control on the American people.  Overall, we felt that our Social Media presence accomplished our main goal, which was to provide a line of communication between our group and the broader world of prosthetics.


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