Print Media

Design Rationale

We wanted our print media to have a consistent theme with our website and twitter account. The rationale for using the vibrant colors and the geometric patterns is similar to the rationale for using them on the website. As mentioned losing a limb or being born without one can be pretty dark. At the same time there are major breakthroughs in the  development of upper limb prosthetics.

To mirror the promise behind these breakthroughs, our design employs bright, vibrant colors in complex geometric forms. The color combinations are meant to be an exciting sensory experience, attract and keep the viewers attention and curiosity. The edgy geometric forms represent the myriad disciplines that came together to make this happen. It’s a giant, complex puzzle, but through interdisciplinary research and ample funding, we now have lots to be excited about for the near-future of neuroprosthetics.

The reason for incorporating Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa into the poster was that Da Vinci himself was an interdisciplinary scholar. He was an artist, an engineer and he studied the human anatomy. Da Vinci is often considered to be the first person to design a robotic arm. Da Vinci’s mechanical knight was designed to be able to move its arm, stand, sit and raise its visor.





Inside of pamphlet

Inside of pamphlet

Pamphlet front and back

Pamphlet front and back


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